Tailor made apps for prospect acquisition

Do you need to collect data, in a new fashion way? Forget about the pencil and paper, and use a custom tailor made app with the newest iPads. No wifi needed, the devices can work off-line and collect all the necessary data. Custom connections with clients backend servers and/or technologies. They work even in kiosk mode without supervision.

Apps for Kiosk Mode

Tailor iPad application in Kiosk Mode, placed in El Prat and Barajas Spanish Airports.

iOS games for children

Discover to your children a small piece of the WILDLIFE with the most representative wild animals you can spot in the precious nature. Teach your children which animals they are, where they live, its sounds...and immerse them in the surprising and emotional world of diversity. A funny and educational game that will capture their attention. The visits to the zoo will be different from now!

Portable Check In

Check-in processes are usually slow, generate queues, involve paperwork, manual management ...

By coding the information that has to be managed in two-dimensional codes, BIDI, at all times you can control technologically, easy and agile, access control and assistance to any event or event that involves a convocation.

Who has come, who is still to come, capacity, ... Online, at the moment, in the same place.

The easiest way to save your time when you plan and go shopping

A place about how to plan the grocery and pantry list before going shopping.

A way to save time as products are compiled before the shopping trip and makes the purchase faster and easier.

Why to create the shopping list just before going to the supermarket if needs can be marked when arise along the week?

My Money

Keep your expenditures under control

Save Santa before gets burn

iOS Native

Always native iOS developments, Objective-C and Swift. The only way to have a perfect match of the iOS ecosystem is using their own tools.

Apple Devices

All iOS devices included in our development: iPhones, iPods, iPads, AppleTV and Apple Watch

Tons of Extras

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