Immediate Supply of Information on Spanish VAT (SII)

SII is a new real-time tax reporting requirement being introduced in Spain on 1 July 2017. Any business which has an annual turnover in excess of €6m in Spain; belongs to a VAT group in Spain, or applies the 'REDEME' scheme will fall under the SII regime.

We can customize a gateway between SII and your ERP.

Tailor made solutions for ERP

We are specialist in creating tailor-made applications for mortgage management, formalization process, property registry, ...

We can create gateways between your ERP and your client/provider ERP.

High Speed Digitalization

We have created a great application, fully customized and fully integrated with an ERP, to digitalize a huge amount of papers, with customer bar code separators, all in the same batch. The application can send the resulted files to wherever is necessary.

We can use any scanner that follows the Twain protocol

Accounting solutions

Accounting fully integrated into your ERP. We also have an accounting service for freelances.

Help Desk and Ticketing software solution

Managing tickets and automating repetitive workflows has never been easier. Multiple reports options, identify bottlenecks, monitor help desk performance, improve service, ...

Fully integrated into your ERP.

Our Stack

In order to ensure the highest quality in the developments we produce, we decided to invest heavily in learning a few selected technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, EmberJS, and Objective-C - Swift. For legacy developments, we also master 4thDimension and Xojo.